GECO is a specialized company in the manufacturing of injection moulds for the production of plastic parts. Our head office is in Portugal. We have companies in the United Kingdom and Mexico and offices in Germany and in the USA, exporting to the four corners of the world. With approximately 250 employees dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of injection moulds for the manufacture of plastic components. Through know-how and innovation, we are able to produce moulds up to 45 tons., with different technologies such as bi-component injection, gas assisted injection, MuCell assisted injection, over-moulding, back-injection, multiwell injection, etc.

We produce moulds for the most diverse industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, packaging, pharmaceutical, household appliances, among others. In order to guarantee to our customers the quality of our products, we are certified accordingly to the International Standard NP EN ISO 9001 and we have over 45 years of experience in this industry. Therefore, we believe that our final product always presents excellent quality and seriousness in meeting deadlines; these are the features that make us very competitive in the market.



In order to meet the requirements of the Quality Policy, a strategy based on human relations was defined under a constant dialogue with our customers, in order to meet and anticipate their needs, as well as with our employees, so that they get involved into the Quality process.

We´ve established as standard: "Do it right at the first time" in order to "reduce inner costs," thus contributing to a desirable and inevitable "continuous improvement".

Provide constant attention to the needs and requirements of our customers.
Become the ideal partner and participate towards the success of our customers.
Turn any project into a tool capable of satisfying the needs of each client.